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Our Mission 

Luxury Lighting is a design and fulfillment company with 20 years of combined experience in the trade. Our goal to provide our discerning clientele keeping design and aesthetics in mind. We operate at a very high standard and the result is high end personal service and a beautiful finish. 

Payment Methods

Featured Services

  • Landscape Lighting & Design
  • Interior Lighting & Design
  • Electrical Infrastructure

Company Overview

Luxury Lighting is a Los Angeles based company that was restructured in 2014. Luxury Lighting's licensing capacity places the company in a unique position that allows us to proactively troubleshoot various electrical trade issues that arise on virtually any type of project with timeliness and cost effectiveness. Luxury Lighting is staffed by skilled trade workers in design and electrical fields.

Featured Projects

From residential homes to mixed-use office buildings and LED/Green Building, Luxury Lighting can handle your projects every step of the way. You'll find we're very competitive, and very comprehensive. Browse through our latest work and assess our overall project experiences.