Project Management 

It’s very important to budget realistically and communicating the possible complexities that may occur. Luxury Lighting has the experience and know how to deliver the project on time and on budget.

Energy Efficiency Consultation

Perform a physical evaluation of a complete lighting system on any type of property, then submit a thorough report outlining the areas where energy consumption can be reduced and how much saving can be gained. 

Electrical Infrastructure

Our electrical staff has combined 20 years of experience in all aspects pertaining to electrical projects including wiring/rewiring entire housing to creating infrastructure for landscape lighting.

Electrical and Design plans in CAD

Our design professionals are well versed in CAD programs and can provide comprehensive plans for residential, commercial and industrial projects.

Custom Installations

Interior and exterior installation of custom lighting designs, control systems and conversions of residential and commercial LED lighting. 

Landscape Lighting Design

Creating a comprehensive design plan with the end result being an enchanting night time ambiance.